Thursday, 6 June 2013

Book Excerpts: Under the Sun by Perceval Landon

The following is an excerpt from Perceval Landon's (1868 - 1927) Under the Sun. It is a description of Delhi. Being a writer and a journalist, he drew a memorable description of the ancient city:

"Delhi, the mistress of every conqueror of India, Aryan or Afghan, Persian, English or Moghul, remains unconquered still. Over twenty square miles of sun-baked plain lie out the debris of her many pasts, relics of her dead and gone masters, some perfect still, some once more crumbling back into the levels of red-yellow marl that have alternately fed and housed, and fed and housed again, forgotten generations of men. Yet Delhi lives. Like some huge crustacean, she has shed behind her her own outgrown habitations, as she has crawled northwards from Tughlaqabad and Lalkot, through Dinpana and Ferozabad till the red lizard of the Ridge barred her way, and now she suns herself, a raffle of narrow and congested byways, beneath the crimson walls of Shah Jehan's great palace-fort."

What has drawn me towards this excerpt is the way Landon added character to the city and how it still bustles with life and energy.

(Article by Kabita Sonowal)

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