Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Short Story Reads: Ramblings on a Beach by Kabir Bedi

This is an interesting piece of writing by Indian actor, Kabir Bedi. It is is a reflection on children and the shame that engulfs them when they stand second best in a competition, life, society, love, superstitions and everything else. The title is apt for all that he sees, notes, observes and speaks of myriad images: people, lovers, children, adults and the sea. It is also a letter to his children and he voices his angst at a society that is filled with the 'twisted minds of grown-ups who put these fears into the minds of children to make them behave'.

What I like about this piece of writing is the glimmer of hope and Bedi's articulate language. He says, "As long as the spirit struggles to be free, there is hope." He adds, "For the spirit always seeks a mind without walls: open, wind-blown, carefree - like the beaches we love to walk on."

(Article by Kabita Sonowal)

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