Friday, 10 May 2013

Poetry Reads: As I Walked Out One Evening by WH Auden

As I Walked Out One Evening was written by WH Auden. It is a wonderful poem that is rich in imagery, proclamations of love and the ultimate perfidy. While life goes on, time plays the most vital role as mentioned in the following lines from the poem:

'Time watches from the shadow
And coughs when you would kiss.
In headaches and in worry
Vaguely life leaks away,
And Time will have his fancy
To-morrow or to-day'.

Therefore no matter how beautiful it sounds to feel the all-consuming love, it withers or stands the test of time. However this poem sheds a ray of realistic hope when Auden remarks:

'O stand, stand at the window
As the tears scald and start;
You shall love your crooked neighbour
With your crooked heart'.


(Article by Kabita Sonowal)

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