Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fiction Reads: Fall by Colin McAdam

Fall by Colin McAdam feels like a screenplay through most of the chapters in the book. Written in the genre of a psychological thriller, it has shades of immense psychological drama, sadism and alienation. There is an element of obscurity, something amiss, haunting and nothing emerges as completely crystal-clear. Set in the backdrop of an elite Canadian boarding school, St Ebury, it is an illustration of perfection where drugs and seediness to an extent thrive. There is a lax in security and the boarders get away with wrong doing. Noel who is one of the boarders falls in love with Fall and has an obsession for her boyfriend Julius.

Fall and Julius are marked out because of Noel’s fascination for both of them. Noel is a character who does not deserve an iota of pity despite his lazy eye and isolation. Justifiably so in such an environment, he takes advantage of the smoking and drug concern to get Julius in trouble after Fall’s disappearance. Julius and he are roommates in the final year of school. What is spectacular about the book is the characterization of Noel. Although the reader has an idea about basic details of the other characters, it is Noel who stands out with his intelligence, cruelty and sliminess. He is a gunk all the way through.

Fall is a poignant novel which highlights the loss of innocence. 

(Article by Kabita Sonowal)

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