Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Short Story Reads: The Monkey’s Paw by William Wymark Jacobs

Late last night, I completed reading The Monkey’s Paw by William Wymark Jacobs. Although it is a short story, I couldn’t have left it half-way to complete it today. Something eerie in the plot kept me going and there was a marked tone of quiet horror. Well-written and tied by a neat plot, it is set against a quintessential English setting with a grudgingly cold weather raging outside. The three members of the White family chit chat about and the father and son play chess while waiting for Sergeant-Major Morris.The arrival of Sergeant-Major Morris with the monkey’s paw is when the plot takes a turn towards something baleful and unknown.

Published in 1902, The Monkey’s Paw has an element of the unfamiliar and hushed malevolence. It is no wonder why it remains a page-turner.

(Article by Kabita Sonowal) 

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