Monday, 28 January 2013

Non-Fiction Reads: The Rage and the Pride by Oriana Fallaci

I just completed reading The Rage and The Pride by Oriana Fallaci. First things first, I was struck by the candour of her thoughts; most importantly, she had the audacity to write this book. Deemed outrageous, there is the quintessential spark of courage for which she was known. In the wake of the devastation and mayhem caused in the September attack of America, she broke her ten-year silence. 

The Rage and Pride reveals sides of Italian history (its unification, ethos, culture, people of courage, painters, sculptors, philosophers and scientific inventions), the birth of America, the Inquisition, the timelessness of the relevance of ‘liberty’, ‘democracy’ and ‘republic’, the rise of fanaticism and intolerance and the September catastrophe. She talked about how she was vaccinated against war and nothing about war shocked her. Yet, it revealed a side of her that was very aware of the plight of women and women in retrograde backdrops: the account of the shooting of three women in Kabul who dared to go for haircuts, the 1975 incident in Dhaka and she being asked to hide in a garage filled with ammunition during a shootout so that if it caught fire, she would have been torn to bits and contributed to some mirth among the soldiers there. With tones of the acerbic and the quirky, she highlighted the positives of what must constitute a culture: architecture, poetry, music, philosophy, fair politics and administration, justice and education. She also talked about what her parents believed in and how she imbibed their fair ideology. Her narration is such that one feels as if one were listening to her talk. It is no wonder why it is such a compelling and stark read.

(Article by Kabita Sonowal) 


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