Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Travel Reads: Dali Universe, London

In the September of 2006, I had entered the zany, interesting, bizarre, overwhelming, surreal, thrilling and cryptic universe of Dali. Situated at South Bank in the County Hall in London, it was just a wonder. It had housed some of the most incredible items produced by Dali on display. These were mostly lithographs, water colours and works of sculpture by Dali mainly focusing on sensuality, mythology and fantasy. What would really draw one to the former Dali Universe in London was the ‘Persistence of Memory’ sculpture outside the gallery. Although visitors were not allowed to take photographs inside the gallery, his creations were etched in my memory forever.

What I remember most about what I saw was the iconic ‘lobster telephone’ by Dali. It is also referred to as the 'aphrodisiac telephone’. He designed five such telephones and one of them was showcased here. It was initially created for the British poet, Edward James who was also a collector and enthusiast of Dali’s works. Not to miss, it also displayed the famous Mae West lip sofa that was again commissioned by James. And the melting clocks that I would love to see yet again.This gallery includes some works by Picasso too!

Today, Dali Universe in London remains closed. However all lovers of the surreal world must take a glance at Dali’s works no matter whey are housed. He brought myths and characters to life.

(Article by Kabita Sonowal) 


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