Friday, 28 December 2012

Art Corner: Delphi Art Hotel

In the Omonia neighbourhood of Athens, Delphi Art Hotel is an echo from the past. Now my memories of it can only draw a smile of joy and amusement at having been there. The location breathed of the free, the nonchalance, history, migration and drugs. On my first night at Athens, venturing out past midnight made one a witness to a drunken girl’s respite somewhere between the pavement and the center of the road. She seemed to pass out for the night in an absolute state of calm with no passerby to bother her although the street pulsated with tourists. That was a midnight Kodak moment!

We headed to the Delphi Art Hotel from the airport by bus only to be dropped off somewhere halfway. We were left with no choice but to drag our baggage. It was warm and sultry; the journey from Bangalore to Athens via Doha was a transition of thoughts, sights and crowds. It was a really cool flight from Doha to Athens and I listened to Baxter Dury for the first time. Finally we trudged down to the hotel.

Inspired by and designed on the neoclassical style, the Delphi Art Hotel is situated at a very interesting location at Konstantinou Street. Neoclassical was derived from the classical culture, art and heritage from ancient Greece and Rome. It was built in the 1930s; and today it is an arty place.After checking in, I almost blanked out due to the exhaustion and took a nap that lasted for hours. The next evening, while returning from the Acropolis and indulging at the sights, smells and food at Plaka, a man approached us and whispered ‘charas’. Had it been someplace else in any other part of the world, I would’ve been offended but at Athens I didn’t care and we walked on.

(Article by Kabita Sonowal) 

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